Is Hydroponics Really A Better Way To Grow?

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This is an old debate that will rear its head more and more over the next few decades. With more people being open to hydroponic growing and the need for alternative ways to grow food and other plants, this conversation will be had over and over again. When we say something like, what is the best way to grow, we really need to frame what do we mean by best. Do we mean which one tastes better? Which one is cheaper to grow? Which one uses the least amount of natural resources to grow? Which one is more sustainable? As you can see, best is determined by the criteria that we compare it against. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of hydroponics and its own merits.

Fewer Disease Crops And Food Borne Illnesses

Before writing this article I saw a new story about how Mexican grown cilantro is now being banned in the US. This ban comes from farmers dumping waste water and materials in the same field that they grew their herbs and produce. What resulted from this unsanitary way of growing food are dozens of people in the US becoming violently sick. This isn’t to say this is how the average farmer operates but to say that when you grow in soil, you are at risk of consuming anything that is placed in that soil.


Hydroponics is A Closed Loop System

What we mean by this is that hydroponics have all of its nutrients for the plants and water contained in a central system that is not open to the outside world. What this means is that you do not get the dirty illness creating Cilantro that I read about earlier. It means that you have a much safer supply of food.

Hydroponics Extends The Growing Season

Growing hydroponically extends itself well to greenhouses and other structures. What this means is that it is easier to grow plants our of season and continue to supply the populace with plant-based foods that are very healthy to them. This is much harder to do when using soul.

Hydroponically Grown Plants Are Bigger And Often Healthier

It is easier to control the environment that a hydroponically grown plant is grown in than a soil grown plant. Hydroponically grown plants receive far more water and oxygen than soil grown plants. This has to deal with the fact that hydroponically grown plants use a variety of system that have the core goal of supplying the plant a ton of oxygen, more nutrients and more water than you could ever do with soil.

Hydroponics Is Better For The Environment

It takes tons of water and resources to grow produce in soil. Hydroponics do not use a fraction of the resources that are needed to grow in soil. Hydroponics is also far more sustainable and better for the environment. This is a major concern because all we have to do is look at the issues that California farmers are having because of the water shortage.

All of these things are the inherent advantage of growing hydroponically. Check out Always Sunny Hydroponics for some great produsts on everything hydroponics.


Tips for growing the best tomatoes

good-looking-plant-tomato-plant-7PWSmNo matter the kind of gardener you are, you will always appreciate the virtues the homegrown tomato brings. They are one of the best plants to have in your garden as it can be used for multiple things, you can create your own sauces, have fresh tomato in your salad and so much more. However even the experienced gardener can face serious trouble when it comes to growing tomatoes plump and perfect. So that is exactly why we created this article to at least help you out with growing your first tomato plant, or maybe improve on what you currently know by adding on the knowledge that you have gained from reading this article.


As we all know we want to start off with great soil with tons of nutrients to allow the plant to grow to its full potential. The top tomato growing experts have shared secrets regarding growing secrets, their secret? Compost, good ol’fashion compost. If you already don’t have a compost bin under your kitchen sink then it would be a great idea to go ahead and add one under there so you can have a constant supply of compost, things like orange peels, banana peels and other things related are great nutrients for soil that will ensure premium growth.


Let me tell you a story about one of my close buddies – Andrew who first tried growing his tomatoes with manure, instead of using compost – and the other used compost instead of using manure without any further care, except watering. He quickly discovered within the first 2 months that the tomato plant using compost instead of manure has vastly outperformed the manure soil based tomato in all aspects – including growth, color and taste.


The compost plant turned out to be a great tall plant that stayed dark and green. By the end of the season he was able to get plump large red tomatoes by the bunch. In comparison to the manure-based soil, the tomatoes weren’t as large and red by the end of the season, and the yield wasn’t as fruitful as the ones that came from a compost-based soil. The bottom line here people is use compost if you want a happy and healthy plant!


Ok so now that you have your soil, and seeds, you want to pick a sunny spot and have the places that you want to have your plants planted in, spaced out at least 12 inches apart. Tomatoes thrive in the sun and are a healthier plant when given good air circulation.


Now comes to the seeding part of the process, seeding has to be deep into the soil .

Tomatoes work with a system that has the roots growing along the stem. So the longer the root system, the larger and better the plant will be.


Now in the planting hole it is a good idea to add at least a table spoon of dolomitic limestone, this helps prevent your plant from getting any sort of rotting while the plant is remarkable-check-tomato-plants-OSSZpstarting to grow fruits. Then cover the hole with rich soil, and water it with a mixture of liquid fertilizer and water (to dilute it a bit).



When it comes to watering your plant you really do need to manage the way you water your tomatoes. As a result of the deep seeding, you need to have these plants deep watered as well. The soaker setting on your hose is the best option for watering because of the large amount of water being set into the soil letting it “soak in”.


So when it comes to the plant growing, you need to make sure that they have some sort of support, with things like a plant brace etc, there are many ways you can go about that. However you need to take into account that these plants do happen to grow at a very large height, larger than your average backyard plant.


We all know when it comes to growing your own homemade tomatoes they are a definitely a trick to grow or even to master growing them. But by reading this article I truly believe that you will be able to go out and grow a perfect tomato plant for you.